Rosalía responded personally to fans on Twitter

MEXICO CITY, October 2 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Rosalía has become one of the most recognized singers of the moment, after the publication of her most recent album “Motomami”, the Spanish interpreter won the recognition of the international public, since not only is she talented but she maintains a very close relationship with her fans; she proved it this weekend when she answered many of the questions she was asked on Twitter.

A few days after her 30th birthday, the interpreter of “Candy” posted a tweet yesterday, to which hundreds of her followers immediately reacted, since in it she indicated that she would answer some questions, for which she urged her fans to to question him about the topics they wanted:

“Hello. Today I am happy and enjoying myself, so if you want to ask me something, I may answer you,” she invited.

Soon, the publication was filled with thousands of comments and Rosalía fulfilled what she promised, as she was very accessible and open when responding.

One of her followers shared some photographs that she took when the singer came to Mexico for the first time, the user questioned the artist about whether she had liked the snapshots she captured of her first visit to our country, to which Rosalía replied yes, but the only thing he didn’t like was the outfit he was wearing at that time. “Fashion police take me now” she joked.

The native of Barcelona, ​​in addition, was questioned about her musical tastes, because among the questions she answered, she said that her favorite Katy Perry song was “Teenage Dream”.

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He also explained that Naomi and Julio, names included in the lyrics of “Chiken Teriyaki”, refer to supermodel Naomi Watts and singer Julio Iglesias, but he also reminded his fans that he had already explained that in his “fanzine”, where he has talked about the history of many other songs.

He also said that he forgave those who leaked the rehearsals of his most recent tour “Motomami World Tour”, because in several of those videos, the singer performs unreleased songs.

Rosalía’s accessibility was such that she also responded to which song she would listen to during intimacy, by choosing “Bwyrn” by Fantasyluv, although she recognized that she would only play it in the hypothetical case of being forced to do so, since she considers that music, with its rifs and melodies, they would only distract her.

He also recommended books and movies, with the text “On Earth we are fleetingly great” by Ocean Voung and the film “Post tenebras lux” by Mexican filmmaker Carlos Reygadas. In addition, he suggested to one of his fans which title of his songs should be tattooed on his forearm; she chose “Like a G”.

And along with all these curiosities, within the theme, the Spanish singer also advanced a couple of details of the projects that she has at the door, expressing that she has in mind to collaborate with the American rapper Kendrick Lamar.