Rosalía’s less motomami footwear to walk around NY

Photo credit: Christopher Peterson /

We’ve had her all summer on tour around our country and now Rosalía is rocking it, once again, in the United States after finishing the concerts she had planned in Latin America. And no, she never leaves anyone indifferent, neither with her music nor with her ‘looks’, of course. After implanting the ‘motomami aesthetic’ and that we take it as a personality, she has changed her style to show us her style less motomami ‘ever’, with fur sandals included. Look!

The singer is right now in New York, where she has just performed her last ‘show’, and to walk around the city she has chosen one of those ‘looks’ that, from time to time, confuse us a bit. Because yes, among the trends in footwear for this fall, the truth is that we did not have the hair sandalsthat design that has as many fans as ‘haters’ and that is so complicated to wear, except when it comes to Rosalía.

Photo credit: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.comPhoto credit: Christopher Peterson /

Photo credit: Christopher Peterson /

Yes, friend, what you are seeing is real. The Internet has been a little ‘WTF’ when seeing this combination of the diva: a skirt with illustrations, a basic black top and this kind of ‘mules’ with furry heels that, of course, have been the protagonists of the outfit.

With a small thin heel and the entire front part covered in phosphor green fur, Rosalía has once again shown that you don’t need a leather jacket to be a motomami, and that her own style is forever.