Rosario wins ‘MVP’ and enters the record book | Baseball 123

For the first time since 1999, Atlanta Braves they will go to World Series. The Braves beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series on Saturday night (ATL 4, LA 2), setting up a meeting with the Houston Astros in the Fall Classic.

Once again the gardener Eddie Rosario he was at the center of the Atlanta action. Rosario was hitting .571 / .609 / 1,000 in the NL Championship Series going into Game 6 with 12 hits, two of which were home runs and one of which was the hit of Game 2. That’s a job. honest series and something else. , but Rosario was far from finished.

In the first inning on Saturday night at Atlanta, he hit a line drive single off Walker Buehler, but was pulled off a double play off Freddie Freeman’s bat. However, in the fourth, with the score tied 1-1, Rosario left nothing to chance as he was the author of a methodical at-bat against Buehler that changed the trajectory of Game 6 and brought the Braves closer to their first National League pennant since 1999.

To no one’s surprise, Rosario was named MVP of the NLCS after Game 6. Really, there was no other option. Rosario finished the series with a .560 / .670 / 1.040 batting line and a postseason series that tied 14 hits. He drove in nine runs in all six games.

Right now, Rosario has tied for the highest connected hit mark in a postseason series of all time, with:

2012 NLCS Marco Scutaro
2007 ALCS Kevin Youkilis
2004 ALCS Hideki Matsui
2004 NLCS Albert Pujols

Note: Youkilis, Matsui and Pujols had their 14 hits in the series that spanned seven complete games. Eddie did it in just six games.