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Rose Leslie explains some rumors about Kit Harington and the end of the game of Thrones

Rose Leslie actually did not speak Kit Harington for three days after he had told her the end game of Thrones,

"I told my wife last year what happened, and she did not talk to me for three days," Harington KISS had said Breakfast showAccording to Digital Spy. "And she asked!"

Leslie told EW that Harington had not really told her how the whole show ended.

"I really do not know the end," Leslie said. "He told me the end of the last season and I remember I was a bit nervous … He just happened to tell me – and this is a spoiler for anyone who has not seen the last season – he accidentally told me that he drops from the dragon into the ice lake, and then we see how the dragon is dragged out of the water, and the dragon breathes fire – or ice, I can not remember exactly what it is – I think it's fire – on the wall and then of course that's the time at which everyone [Army of the Dead] can then cross. So he told me about the dragon and I got very angry with him because I said, 'You should not tell me everything! And that is a huge information! & # 39; And he says, "Well, you asked!" And I said, "I know."

While she was crazy because he had ruined her end, it did not take her three days to talk to him again.

"That was an exaggeration," she told EW. "I love that he said three days, look at him trying to get a soundbite, that's weird!"

Leslie blames herself for the reaction she had, because she asked him again to tell her.

"To be fair, I was probably pretty ridiculous in the way I put it," she said. "I said," Tell me a few things, but do not tell me other things. "But I do not really know the end [the show] Believe it or not, it's such a monumental show, and I want to be like the rest of the world and watch in real time that I get set up and anticipated. I want to finally get to the last episode and really – and I honestly mean – really do not know which direction it is. "

Based on what we've heard so far, maybe Rose does not want to know. It sounds like it's the end of an end, even if Harington answered, whether he was satisfied with the end or not.

"It's a weird answer, that. I can not really answer if I'm happy or not," Harington said on the UK radio show. "I do not think it's about being happy or sad, I'm happy with what they did, but I do not know if I'll be really happy until I see it."

Sophie Turner has suggested that the end could be a bit polarizing.

"It was really satisfying for us, who knows if it's satisfying for the fans?" she told IGN. "I think a lot of fans will be disappointed and many fans will be overjoyed."

All we really know now is that if we were Rose Leslie we would have already asked Kit Harington to tell us how the whole show ends and even though we'd already get angry when he told us, we Also very much less stressed would be who lands on the Iron Throne, or whether we will need therapy in May.

game of Thrones celebrates his last six-episode season on Sunday, April 14, at 9 o'clock. on HBO.


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