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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie may be married, it is not that the one who played Ygritte on the screen knows the end of the cult series Game Of Thrones.

"I do not know anything about the end of Game Of Thrones. (Kit) told me about the end of the previous season, and I remember being a little upset about it, "she explained.
Entertainment Weekly.

Not supposed to say it

Attention spoilers, Rose Leslie explains why what her husband had told her had made him feel chafouine. "He told me – and this is a spoiler for those who have not seen the last season – that one of the dragons falls into the lake, that it is seen to be drawn from the water, and that he spits fire on the Wall, and obviously the Army of the Dead can cross. And it pissed me off, I said '' You were not supposed to tell me anything, it's a big info! '' And he said, '' It's you who's me '' asked '', and I was there '' I know! '' "

So, Ygritte does not ask any more to Jon Snow who knows too much for her.


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