Rosny-sous-Bois: a retirement home instead of fast-food


Workers are walling the entrance to Quick halal . The fast-food restaurant on the Alsace-Lorraine boulevard in Rosny-sous-Bois, one of the nine in Seine-Saint-Denis, has been closed since March 31st. The city has decided not to renew the lease. “He was very badly placed, justifies the mayor (LR) Claude Capillon. Neighbors had a lot of noise and dirt. ” According to the elected, several complaints from residents and a petition are reported in town hall. The Quick will move a few hundred meters, next to the store “Skin Label”, and further from the inhabitants. “It’s good for everyone,” says Claude Capillon. It will be more visible, the inhabitants will not be disturbed anymore and we can build an interesting project. ” Rosny-sous-Bois, Wednesday, April 11th. Workers are walling the entrance to Quick Halal, closed since March 31.LP / V.T. The town hall, which sold the land, chose to build a retirement home. “I want to fight against the social isolation of retirees, insists the elected. Rosny-sous-Bois must be a pleasant city to live for all. 7,300 inhabitants, out of some 40,000, are over 60 years old. Covering 6,000 m² and costing € 10 million, the senior residence will include 98 social apartments. All aimed at independent seniors. The new structure is meant to be “complementary” to the already existing offer on the city, which already has two Ehpad and two nursing homes. This time, future residents will benefit from cultural and sports activities. Work should begin “between September and December”. Older people will move in two years later.


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