MOSCOW, October 31 – RIA News. The incidence of acute respiratory viral infections in general in Russia remains at a low level, the excess population in the total population has not been registered, according to the Rospotrebnadzor website.
The Rospotrebnadzor told about the increase in the incidence of hepatitis A in Russia "On the 43rd week (22.10.2018-28.10.2018) in general in the Russian Federation there is a low incidence of ARVI," the report said
According to the ministry, in the aggregate population, as well as in the age group of 7-14 years, the excess of weekly epidemic thresholds of ARVI is not registered. The increase in the epidemiological threshold of ARVI in the central city without exceeding the epidemic threshold in the region was recorded in two cities.
Rospotrebnadzor cited the reason for the increase in the incidence of measles. Among children under two years old, the excess of weekly epidemiological thresholds for the incidence of ARVI was recorded in one region, also among children three to six years old. Among persons older than 15 years, weekly epidemic thresholds of ARVI are exceeded in four subjects of the Russian Federation.
It is specified that the incidence of respiratory viral infections is now predominantly due to viruses of non-influenza etiology, cases of influenza remain isolated.
It is also noted that on October 29, more than 43.8 million people were vaccinated against the flu (30.3% of the population). .


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