The euphoria of the visit of Jimmy Fallon to the Center of Fine Arts in Santurce to record part of an episode of the program "The Tonight Show", which will be presented on the island, reached La Fortaleza.

Ricardo Rossello, accompanied by his wife Beatriz and their two children, took the opportunity to record live while the presenter tried to sound a four that gave him the governor.

Jimmy Fallon in Puerto Rico!

Posted by Ricardo Rossello on Friday, January 11, 2019

"Look who is here", says the first executive, while Fallon admits he does not know how to use the instrument.

"Sorry. I promise that for this weekend I will have a great … I will be ready for you on Tuesday for the show … I will make a decent song in honor of you (Rosselló), in honor of Puerto Rico", you hear him say to Fallon.

The American actor, comedian and singer also made reference to the episode of his program that will air next Tuesday with the participation of the artists Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bad Bunny, Jose Feliciano, Ozuna and the Spanish chef José Andrés.

"Jimmy is with the four"Rosselló continued, addressing the viewers who follow him through Facebook.

During the conversation they held, the theme of Bad Bunny arose, when the governor's daughter interrupted them to say "Bad Bunny comes here"On the other hand, before finishing the video, the first executive thanked Fallon for his initiative to come to Puerto Rico to record his program.

Watch here the "Hamilton" special

"Thank you for what you have done for Puerto Rico, from our people. The mentions that you have done in your program have enhanced and we are having many people coming here", Told him.

To this, Fallon replied that he decided to record the show from the island because he feels inspired by what Lin-Manuel Miranda achieved with bringing the musical "Hamilton" to Puerto Rico.

"We are having a celebration. It's crazy, it's fun, we have surprises planned", he assured before the live ended.

At the end he was heard telling the presenter that he was going to check his room, which could mean that he was invited to stay at La Fortaleza. However, with Fallon's jokes, it's hard to tell from a simple comment.



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