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Home Sport Rot-Weiss Essen moves to the Cup of knockout rounds 2-0 - RWE

Rot-Weiss Essen moves to the Cup of knockout rounds 2-0 – RWE


Rot-Weiss Essen moves to 2: 0 in the Cup of the first knockout round

on 05.09.2018 at 22:44

Goalscorer Timo Brauer (2nd from the right) celebrates his goal.

Goalscorer Timo Brauer (2nd from the right) celebrates his goal.

Photo: Christof Köpsel

Regional league leaders Rot-Weiss Essen retired after a 2-0 over FSV Vohwinkel in the second round of the Niederrhein Cup.

Eat. In the end, the players gathered applause from the exactly 1,000 people in the stadium at Hello. The goals for Essen were scored by Timo Brauer with a penalty and Kevin Grund with a shot from the angle.

And above all, some players have been able to offer, who were not recently in the league in the starting lineup. "We started three times with the same team in the last three games. It is not that easy to think about who you exchange. The boys all got in well. I have the feeling that if something happens, we can do so so that we have no quality loss. "So had Boris Tomiak, Robin Urban, Ismail Remo, Tolga Cokkosan and Enzo Wirtz the chance received from the beginning. Essen quintet manager Karsten Neitzel also credited a "reasonable" performance. "It was not about sparing the others," said the football teacher afterwards. "I think you can play Wednesday and get full throttle on Saturday."

RWE goalkeeper Raeder prevents the equalizer

Decisive was this evening, however, that the Red-White have moved into the third round of the cup. Even though Neitzel might have hoped for one or two more goals: "The fact that we had plenty of possession was not surprising in the end. In the first half we played a bit too slow and used too many contacts. In the end we played sovereignly to zero. "

Really dangerous before the goal came the Wuppertal in the end only by Frederic Lühr. The Goalgetter of the guests used a misunderstanding of Cokkosan and Philipp Zeiger, in order to be able to run alone on the gate of Essen. It would have been the compensation. In the end, however, RWE goalkeeper Lukas Raeder remained victorious. "I hope that we can take some of this game for the league," commented Vohwinkels sporting director Holger Gaißmayer. There it goes on Sunday to the second team of the TSV Meerbusch. On Red-Weiss Essen is waiting for a home game against SV Lippstadt, in which the Neitzel-Eleven can enter the eighth competitive win in series. A great balance.



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