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Round Up: ANTHEM PS4 Reviews Butterfly

ANTHEM PS4 PlayStation 4 1

ANTHEM does not have a very impressive start, we are afraid. We wrote in our pre-release preview that BioWare's big budget loot shooter needs to be much, much better at startup – and despite the promises of patches, critics are not thrilled with what the Mass Effect developer is has brought so far.

We should note that the review process on the PlayStation 4 was irritating, as the lack of EA Access on the Sony console means we were waiting for the verification code. We expect it soon, but it means that most of the previously published judgments were written using PC code. It's worth keeping in mind.

The most important thing about Anthem for me is that the game is so in the middle of the road, even if so much time and money spent by Bioware and EA. There is nothing out of the ordinary in the gameplay except for the occasional use of your character's jetpack, and even that is not much used for races outside the map. Those who are desperately looking for a squad-based loot em-up have probably already preordered Anthem and may be more fun with organized groups of friends finding their money for something unique.

I wish some things would be different, but I want to play Anthem beyond the scope of this review. It does not change the way the genre works, not the long run, and if you've already fought with a few of them and thrown them in the gutter, you're probably going to do the same thing here. BioWare needs to build fast on its shimmering Jet-Fueled Foundation to arouse people's interest, but people looking for a new neighborhood may want to try Anthem – either now or after fixes and updates.

IGN – 6.5 / 10

Anthem has an energetic fight, but saves too much of the precious little content it has for the final, and makes playing through its mismatched history into a boring, repetitive grind.

Hymn has good ideas, but she has significant problems with the execution. It's a co-op game that works best without anyone talking. it buries really interesting moments of character and places its most incomprehensible parts of history in the foreground; His fight is exciting until you get to the boss battles and find that your wings have been cut off. Even the simple, exciting act of flying is often interrupted by the limitations of your spear, and you'll never shake off the feeling of disappointment – knowing that you are inevitably collapsing in the good areas of Anthem.

Did the subdued critical reception keep you from buying ANTHEM, or are you still interested in EA's published Moloch? Fly in the comments below.



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