Routes to walk with art and health in Madrid with health information and advice

Walking is one of the most frequent recommendations, especially for patients with chronic diseases. To make these walks more attractive, a doctor from Madrid has created 9 healthy routes through Madrid that, in addition, bring us closer to the art and history of our streets.

‘Pass-art with art’

The Dr Darío Fernándezfamily doctor and clinical psychologist, has created these 9 healthy routes of statues in the streets of Madrid. They are circuits designed, above all, for those people who are recommended to walk, but they get bored if they don’t have a specific direction.

They are the best medicine for anyone and especially for those with a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, asthma, hypercholesterolemia etc.

know the statues

Routes between 3 and 4 kilometers like this one that we propose in the center of Madrid and that takes us to know the main statues of horseThey are watching our squares.

Walking around Madrid, a very healthy option

The doctor and psychologist, Darío Fernández, brings us history and art with a very healthy perspective. With the calories that are burned and the distances that are travelled… there are grams of CO2 that are not emitted into the atmosphere by not using a car. And in each statue, depending on its gesture, character it represents, author and artistic style, a health message or challenge is sent to the passer-by.

Darío Fernández proposes 9 circuits through different areas and themes; retirement; The Paseo del Prado or the Manzanares. And he prescribes us: walk and enjoy.