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Lights that crossed the sky in a row amazed people around the world after images and videos went viral through the social network Twitter. Some users reflected that it was UFOs or strange planets, despite the repercussions of the phenomenon caused their explanation to be released in the last hours.

The string of lights, which was seen mainly in the United Kingdom and Spain, are microsatellites of the constellation called Starlink, a project of Space X, the millionaire’s company Elon musk, which launched around 300 of these objects, aimed at improving broadband communications across the planet.

Space X will launch some 12,000 satellites in the short term, more than double of all those launched by humanity since Sputnik I, although they did not rule out reaching 30,000.

These satellites, each weighing 260 kilos and with a high performance capacity, were designed to “offer high speed broadband internet to locations where access was unreliable, expensive or not available”, according to the company owned by Elon Musk, to whom the electric vehicle firm Tesla also belongs.

SpaceX expects to be able to start serving the northern United States and Canada this year and reach almost all populated areas next year.



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