Last night there was a dispute over a high-level conservative's claim that the SNP had "given up" the northeast, missing colleagues from Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson.

Jackson Carlaw, the Scottish Tories' interim chief, was to make the remarks and explain that today at a local conservative conference in the region they are "now the party of the Northeast."

But Kirsty Blackman, an SNP member of Aberdeen North, stigmatized the statement last night as a "genuine vehicle."

In his speech, Mr Carlaw will highlight the budget this week, which saw no tax hikes for the oil and gas industry or the whiskey industry, and an increase of £ 12 million for the fisheries sector.

He will say, "We helped. The government has acted. The northeast of Scotland will benefit.

"SNP's reaction to all this was frankly bizarre. In fact, it is bordered on irritated. "

Mr Carlaw will say that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Finance Minister Derek MacKay have still not been able to welcome the budgetary measures.

And he adds: "Everything points to one conclusion: the SNP has simply lost contact with the Northeast.

"Whatever you thought of her, politicians like Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson knew her spot at least.

"Contrary to the concerns of the people and companies in the northeast, Nicola Sturgeon has been reported missing.

"The SNP has given up the northeast of Scotland. The Scottish Conservatives are now the party of the Northeast. "

Mrs. Blackman, vice president of SNP Westminster, struck back and said, "This is a genuine fool of the Tories who have treated the Northeast as a cash cow for decades, giving nothing back – unlike the SNP, which invests hundreds of millions has in infrastructure and local services.

"The facts, contrary to Jackson Carlaw's allegations, show that SNP has worked long and hard for the use of whiskey and gas, while the Tories in this week's budget did nothing for the oil and gas sector.

"Your claims to fishing are the greatest of all. Everyone knows that the Tories are preparing to resell the Scottish fishermen. And then David Mundell's position will be untenable. "


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