Royal Air Maroc unveils its new innovation pack

The CEO of the National Company of Royal Air Maroc, Abdelhamid Addo, said in Casablanca that the national company is witnessing a revival, aiming to achieve the highest standards in the aviation sector.
Presenting Royal Air Maroc’s collection of new innovations, Addo explained that the company is actively renewing itself, and that it does so with the aim of achieving the highest standards in this sector, as evidenced by its membership in this distinguished club. what is the Oneworld Alliance.
He underlined that it is about the same optimism carried by these innovations inspired by the Moroccan and African culture, underlining that the launch of a new design for the uniform which will be carried by the employees, remains a major event for a company which is a strong sign of renewal and an important indicator of its image and values.
In this regard, Addo explained that the package of innovations that has been revealed is the result of an extensive work of reflection and design, which began before the crisis and deepened during the period of the shutdown of the flight, noting that this group of improvements required the mobilization of all the forces of the company.
In a related context, the CEO explained that in addition to the new uniforms, several innovations that have been made at the service level will allow the company to transport its customers in a completely redesigned experience in order to offer more quality, convenience and proximity.
In addition, he underlined that at each stage of its more than 60 years of history, Royal Air Maroc has been able to evolve by rising to the level of the world reference companies, through all the components of its designs and services.
Today, Thursday in Casablanca, Royal Air Maroc (RAM) unveiled a set of its new innovations that embody its new dynamism at the service of its customers.
Among the first of these developments, Royal Air Maroc unveiled new fashion models for its crews, by air and ground, which will be worn from this month, in addition to numerous services and products aimed at consolidating awareness. of its brand and to reinforce its reference. among all its customers.
A new design for the uniform that combines tradition and modernity

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The new 2022 fashion design for the National Society kits is a positive break that reflects the values ​​that abound in its brand, which all boil down to: efficiency, proximity, optimism and ambition.
The new design is distinguished by the elegance and seriousness that characterize one of the main airlines, and was created specifically for Royal Air Maroc. These costumes combine authenticity and contemporary, starting with the creative elements from Moroccan and African heritage, especially as they restore the mosaic decor and the distinctive intersections of cultural, traditional and regional heritage, as well as the bright colors and vibrant colors inspired by the environment, such as the purple color “Amethyst”, the brand’s new visual signature.
In a global and integrated harmony, the different components of the new uniforms will make it possible to identify different professions: users of commercial flights (hostesses and stewardesses), employees of technical staff on board (pilots), and users of ground services. .
The company has also provided all these sets with a complete wardrobe, which helps them to appear in a decent appearance and provides them with the required comforts which facilitates the performance of their duty as required.

Rethinking services inside the cabin

In addition to the above, Royal Air Maroc has started to rethink the offer of its services inside the cabin (catering and services provided on the plane), with the aim of giving a distinctive character to the product. and to enhance it to truly reflect the authenticity of Moroccan hospitality.
In collaboration with experienced chefs, the company will be able to reflect, through the meals served, its position as a benchmark continental company by offering together dishes from Moroccan, African and international cuisine. The offer will also be divided according to the category and duration of each trip separately.
Among the most important innovations, there is an “à la carte” meal proposal in business class with individual service, a third option offering vegetarians in economy class and on short-haul flights, good service with inclusion of a travel-friendly lunch box.

A set of improvements throughout the customer journey

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A new ambience has been created inside the cabin, with lights, harmonious colors and new passage spaces, all to ensure passenger comfort and provide them with a high quality experience, a complete experience in the smallest details similar to traditional children’s entertainment and comfort. case.
In the same vein, there is the “inflight entertainment” offer, which has diversified in terms of aerodynamics and enriched the content of the “Sky Ram” and “Skypress” platforms. This offer has been enriched with value-added online services such as RAM Assistant, E-skyshop, E-upgrade, Cash&Miles and Pack family.
In a context of emerging from the crisis, while competition intensified between airlines and with which customer requirements widened, Royal Air Maroc embarked on this enterprise, taking the path of progress and perfection. .

Through its “customer first” approach with its new organization, the Compagnie Nationale has mobilized all means to satisfy its loyal passengers, attract new customers, and follow the path of regular and renewed growth.