Rotorua, New Zealand – Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who are expecting their first child, visited Roturua, New Zealand's tourist resort, on the last day of a tour of the Pacific that confirmed the star's potential. the last arrival in the British royal family.


                                      The former actress of the American series "Suits" and "her little hump", as her husband said affectionately, attracted admiring crowds during the couple's long trip to Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand. . It was his first international tour since his marriage to Harry in May. During their 16 days spent in these former British colonies, the former actress and her husband participated in 76 events, with Meghan sometimes wearing four different couture outfits a day. If the couple had to participate in the inevitable official ceremonies with dignitaries, he was also treated to a public bath. The fans who met the couple described them as friendly people with their feet on the ground. Meghan, 37, took part in a rubber boot toss, had her entourage stopped several times to cuddle shy children and bring banana cake made by her own hands for tea. in Dubbo, in the Australian hinterland. "They are very kind, talkative, comfortable," said Milan Chapman, a teenage girl who met them in South Island, New Zealand, a comment typical of those gathered during their tour. Maori Clothes – This had begun with the announcement by Kensington Palace of the pregnancy of the Duchess of Sussex. The interest of Anglo-Saxon media for Meghan, already very large, then turned to the obsessive. The former actress, however, has shown that she is more than a model by giving several speeches encouraging the cause of women. In Fiji, she spoke of her own difficulties in financing her university studies in the United States, advocating for a more affordable education: "When girls have the right tools to succeed, they can forge an incredible future, not only for themselves but for all those around them. " In Wellington, his message was that "feminism is equity", advocating human rights for all "including members of society who have been marginalized, whether for race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation ". For the couple's last New Zealand stage, Harry and Meghan wore traditional Maori outfits and received a spectacular welcome from the Te Arawa tribe.


              Toby Curtis, spokesperson Te Arawa, saw in the former actress, who is Métis, an "inspiration" for young Maori. "She showed that we can succeed, we can make the difference and be ourselves while paying tribute to its origins".



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