Royals Harry and Meghan call kiwi birds "gift" and "sneeze"

Royals Harry and Meghan call kiwi birds "gift" and "sneeze"

ROTORUA, New Zealand – Prince Harry and wife Meghan have examined the navel, nostrils and whiskers of New Zealand's flightless kiwi bird and named two small chicks on the last day of their 16-day tour of the South Pacific.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited a Kiwi hotbed in Rotorua on Wednesday and learned about the endangered bird breeding program, which is considered a national icon.

They gave the three-day-old kiwi chick indigenous Maori names: "Koha" means "gift" and "Tihei" means "sneeze", from the Maori: "Tihei Mauri Ora" means "sneeze of life" or the right to speak. The names were gender neutral, as their genders have not yet been identified.

The couple also visited a Maori meeting site or "Marae" and made a public tour.

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