On Wednesday, everyone paid attention to Duchess Meghan's feet. The reason is a suspicious scar on her bale.
On one of the last dates of her New Zealand trip last wednesday, as usual, all eyes were on Duchess Meghan. The reason for this was their feet this time: Because at the official ceremony of the Maori, the indigenous tribe of New Zealand, you traditionally wear no shoes. However, a close look at her foot reveals that he has a scar on it. Meghan has undergone a hallux valgus operation. According to the orthopedist Kumar Kunasingam, this is an indication of an operation. This was stated by the English BMI Shirley Oaks Hospital's doctor in the British newspaper "Mirror". The scar was typical of a hallux valgus operation. This is by no means a cosmetic operation, but the correction of a painful toe deformity, which occurs mostly in women. The pain and mobility problems affect the everyday life so much that obviously also Meghan underwent this operation. Previously, she was teased for the malposition It will Supposed that the Duchess was already several years ago due to the malposition under the knife, after she had to read again and again on the Internet jokes about the deformation of her feet. On Twitter, some users wrote how ugly her feet are. One wrote, for example: "Meghan Markle, NEVER wear sandals again! ALWAYS wear matching shoes to hide your ugly, spooky and deformed feet! "
The assumption that too high-heeled wearing of high heels triggers hallux valgus is wrong, the doctor told the newspaper. The malposition is hereditary and almost a quarter of all women are affected by it. This article was written by HuffPost / jrIm video: Another fashion faux pas: Duchess Meghan provides with transparent skirt for excitement


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