RS is coming back to the Fit this fall! | MAGX NEWS


Information on the minor change of Fit scheduled for autumn has been released in advance.

The biggest news is that RS will be added as a new grade. RS is a grade with a strong sports color set in the 2nd and 3rd generations, and MT was also lined up (and the 3rd generation is 6 speed!). It was given larger tires and wheels, brakes, and a special suspension than other grades, and although it was not as good as the former boys racer, it was tailored to be able to enjoy driving even on a regular basis. For reference, the RS has its roots in an additional grade of the original Civic, which stands for Road Sailing.

FitRS2The RS e:HEV, which will appear again, is specially equipped with a deceleration selector that allows you to change the regenerative power of the motor at hand, and a drive mode switch that allows you to select the output characteristics.
In addition, a radiator grill is added to the RS in order to change the grillless front mask, which has received negative voices. The bumper with a special emblem is also given a different specification from other grades, and it creates a fearless impression along with the rear spoiler.
I wondered if the body color would be orange, which has already been set in China, and would create an image reminiscent of the Civic RS, but so far there seems to be no plan.

The standard car has been redesigned without the grille, and the decopply impression has been toned down for a more refreshing feel. In addition, NESS disappears from the lineup with the addition of RS.
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More information can be found on the official website. Information will continue to be updated.