RT reported that in the “cocaine case” involved Russian curler

RT reported that in the “cocaine case” involved Russian

2018-03-13 16:08:08

Denis Kilbu was hired as a driver for cargo in Moscow.


In the case of smuggling almost 400 kg of cocaine from Argentina to Russia, Russian kerler Denis Kilba, reported RT with reference to the investigation materials.
From the documents it follows that the defendants of the case Vladimir Kalmykov and Ishtimir Khudzhamov, who were to meet a suitcase in Russia, hired an athlete as a driver. The materials say that Kilba agreed to help, after which all three were detained in Moscow, but the curler was not arrested – he was interrogated, now he is on trial as a witness.
It also became known that in the case there are two more defendants, both citizens of Latvia. According to the publication, they controlled the movement of the cargo. There are no more details in the case materials about them.
“We went to the investigation with a petition, so that they could explain to us who it was, but they do not tell us,” said lawyer of one of the defendants Dmitry Minenko to RT correspondent. He also said that the plane was supposed to arrive from Argentina not to Moscow, but to Riga.
12 suitcases with cocaine were found in December 2016 on the territory of the school attached to the Russian Embassy in Argentina. The Russian ambassador to Argentina, Viktor Koronelli, announced their discovery in law enforcement agencies. The Argentine gendarmerie together with the FSB of Russia carried out a special operation during the year, as a result of which two people in Argentina and three people in Moscow were detained as a result.
After that detained and organizer of cocaine supplies – a German businessman of Russian origin, Andrei Kovalchuk. is he declared , that the story of cocaine is a provocation by the US special services.
On March 12, it became known that the figurant of the so-called “cocaine case” Vladimir Kalmykov, accused of smuggling drugs from Argentina to Russia, turned out a member of the party “United Russia”.

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