RTL adjusts episode series Ewout Genemans after complaints lawyer Inez Weski NOW

RTL has an episode of Ewout: Join the tough guys Adjusted “on a few points” after complaints from lawyer Inez Weski. A spokesperson for the production house No Pictures Please (NPP) announced this on Monday evening.

From the episode, which is part of a documentary series by Ewout Genemans, it becomes clear where Marengo suspect Mario R. is detained and he is described as a serious criminal. A violation of his privacy and R. was not asked for permission, according to Weski.

The release of these details of a suspect in the Marengo trial, which is surrounded by heavy security, caused great surprise. Normally, there is no public sharing where a suspect is detained or his transportation is compromised.

Weski, who also assists Ridouan T., wanted to know whether the Public Prosecution Service (OM) has given permission for the recordings. The prosecutors in the Marengo case themselves said they were not aware of anything, but were unable to speak for the entire Public Prosecution Service.

Suspect shown as confidant Ridouan T.

Ewout: Join the tough guys concerns the so-called Special Support Team (BOT). This team of justice is responsible for the transport of suspects who are at risk of escape.

In the episode R.’s transport is discussed. One of the members of the BOT makes it clear that R. is “high in the tree” and one of the confidants is of T. R. has been sentenced to life imprisonment, but he has not yet been convicted, according to Weski.

The episode has been on Videoland for a week. Production house NPP informed Weski during the day on Monday that the episode would be taken offline. In the meantime, it was looked at whether and, if so, how the episode would be adjusted. The episode can no longer be seen on Videoland.

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Delivery met requirements according to NPP

“The relevant episode has been established in accordance with the (Media) agreement and the requirements of the Ministry of Justice and Security and the Custodial Institutions Service”, emphasize the makers.

“The producer has not been informed in advance and has no influence on the content of the journeys of the BOT team or suspects they transported. Justice has seen and approved the episode in advance.” The adapted episode will be broadcast on RTL 5 on Tuesday.