RTL Infos – Unemployment, vacancies, cross-border workers…: Luxembourg faces a serious labor shortage

It is more and more frequent that the profiles of job seekers do not correspond to the profiles sought by companies, declared the director of Adem, Isabelle Schlesser, on Wednesday on RTL.

The figures confirm the problem: at the end of April, 10,000 vacancies were declared to Adem while 15,000 people were looking for a permanent job. Cet “skills gap” aggravated in Luxembourg. Result: some jobs are in a situation of “shortage” labor.

Companies experience particular of the “difficulties in finding highly qualified personnel in all sectorswhether IT specialists, accountants… The construction and craft sectors are also looking for qualified labour.

According to Isabelle Schlesser, as the labor market grows “enormously“, it won’t be”mathematically” never possible to “fill all positions with only people who were born in Luxembourg or who were educated here“. That’s why we have “need for foreign labor.”

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According to the director of Adem, the Luxembourg”still very attractive. The fact is, however, that the cost of housing is detrimental to this attractiveness. “When collaborators are sought abroad, their first question would often concern the level of rents“, explained Isabelle Schlesser.

Still attractive for cross-border commuters, Luxembourg risks no longer being able to count on workers from the Greater Region. Given the journeys, the obstacles to teleworking, the price of housing or simply a cost/benefit calculation, some may prefer to work in their own country rather than becoming cross-border workers.

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2023-05-24 13:41:15

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