In the RTL “summer house of the stars” again fly the scraps. Since Monday, eight C-celebrity couples are fighting for € 50,000 – and all of Germany is allowed to watch. But is the whole dispute, which broke out in the first episode under the Portuguese sun, real? A look at the secret contracts of the celebrity couples raises doubts.
As the “Image” reported, the participants must adhere to strict rules in the summer house. Many of them are not uncommon for reality formats: Here is an overview of the TV rules: The house is filmed according to the report, and that 24 hours long. In other words, cameras are also installed in the quiet village. The celebrities have to carry a microphone over their body throughout the production time. Residents are supposed to assure that they have no infectious diseases. Therefore, all celebrities should be checked by a doctor before starting production. One and a half months after broadcasting the RTL show, the celebrities are not allowed to participate in similar TV formats, according to the report. Until the end of the show, the candidates can not say a word about the events in the house. It is absolute silence – also via Twitter . Facebook and other social platforms. Styling and clothing of the stars must be discussed with the production company. Interesting detail: Production determines room selection Particularly interesting is the alleged rule, according to which the production decides in which rooms the celebrities live the whole show. After all, in the first episode, the contestants still argued over how to distribute themselves to the three bedrooms in the summer house. If the production has already made the selection in advance, it remains unclear why it comes to Zoff at all. Despite all the bickering, the perseverance should pay off for the celebrities. As the “Bild” continues writing, the candidates for each episode, they remain in the celebrity bunker, continue to receive 1500 euros in addition to the fixed fee. So wants the station allegedly prevent the stars on and quickly take off again, so only to deduct their fee. In the video: 10 pounds – Dieter Bohlen reveals his trick, how he resists chocolate


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