Do not touch mirrors, avoid the number seven and beware of black cats: according to Gothaer insurance, there is no evidence that Friday the 13th is a particularly bad day.

According to claims statistics, there is no neither more nor less accidents such a Friday, as the insurance reported this week in Cologne with reference to May 13. Other days of the week are faring much worse.

Thus, during the two previous Fridays falling on a 13, the insurer recorded much less claims than the average – 494 claims on August 13, 2021 and 442 claims on November 13, 2020. The average is between 500 and 600 claims per day.

Superstitious people should therefore rather be wary of Mondays and thursdays. With an average of 620 claims on a Monday and 600 on a Thursday, these two days went by far less well Last year.

Weather events such as ice, snowfall or the “Bernd” storm of July 2021, which caused more than 8,500 claims for policyholders alone Gothaer and which was thus the insurance company’s biggest claim since the Hamburg fire in 1842, have an even greater influence on the number of claims.