RTL Zwei copies the dance format – with a well-known presenter

From autumn there will be two “Skate Fever – Stars on Roller Skates” on RTL. The show will be moderated by Lola Weippert. Bild: Getty Images Europe / Andreas Rentz

At the Screenforce Days, RTL Zwei announced a whole series of new shows for the coming season, as “” reports. Some of them are classics that haven’t been around for a long time – others are similar to well-known hits from the TV industry.

“Let’s Dance” on roller skates with Lola Weippert

One of these programs is the new show “Skate Fever – Stars auf Rollerskate”, which is scheduled to start in the fall. Under the moderation of Lola Weippert, celebrities will dance against each other, comparable to “Let’s Dance”. The only known difference is the roller skates – that might actually add some pizzazz to the show.

“Farmer is looking for a wife” continuation

A new reality show is also planned for autumn: “Narumol & Josef – Our story continues!”. The two are one of the cult couples of “Bauer sucht Frau”, met there in 2009 and married in 2010. Now the two are returning together, and their now eleven-year-old daughter will most likely also be seen. There will also be another reality show with the Kellys in 2023, the broadcaster revealed. In addition, there will soon be some documentary series such as “Private Las Vegas”, “Ersties – The Hospital Trainees” and “Beats of Berlin”.

The show “We clean up! My 65,000 things” will also be new. The format will be moderated by Collien Ulmen-Fernandes. An English-language version of the program called “Sort your life out” is already running on the BBC, and Tower Productions will now also produce it in Germany.

“The Wheel of Fortune” and “X-Factor” return

RTL Zwei also announced a new edition of “The Wheel of Fortune” with Sonya Kraus and Thomas Hermanns. In addition, the broadcaster is taking over the Sat.1 rate show “Ingenious next to it” with the five well-known comedians. Ruth Moschner, Hella von Sinnen, Bernhard Hoëcker, Wigald Boning and Hugo Egon Balder will soon be answering many questions for a new station.

Jonathan Frakes is also returning, with his show “X-Factor: The Ungraspable” he will soon be telling dark stories again in eight episodes.


RTL presenter Lola Weippert regularly takes her followers through her everyday life on her Instagram profile. The former radio voice now has over 494,000 fans on her account. There she also talks about topics that are particularly important to her to draw attention to. One of these is endometriosis, which she suffers from and which repeatedly prevents her from carrying out normal everyday activities.