RTVE ceases Toñi Prieto as entertainment director

Toñi Prieto has been dismissed from her position as Director of Entertainment for RTVE. After six years at the helm of that area and more than forty in the Corporation, Prieto will continue to be linked to the public sector, although it is still unknown what will be the new professional challenge. This is one of the movements of José Manuel Pérez Tornero, the new Director of RTVE, which began its mandate in March of this year.

In 2015, Prieto began his career as Director of Entertainment of the Public Corporation. In this way, the witness of Carlos Mochales, who assumed the Directorate of Contents, an area that has been changing in charge throughout these years, took up. In the meantime, Prieto remained immovable in his position until this year. It was in June when, without losing his position, he became dependent on the Directorate of Entertainment and Dissemination, under the command of Ana María Bordás.

Just four months later, his place in the Direction of the Entertainment Area it remains empty and detaches itself from the executive production of the formats. In the new organization chart, we see that the division is directed by Bordás, Director of Originals of RTVE. This, in turn, depends on the Direction and General Contents, in charge of Amalia Martínez de Velasco.

A mandate shrouded in controversy

Toñi Prieto’s place dance does not imply his separation from the corporation, but only a relocation, although it is not yet known what position he will occupy in his new stage. It started at RTVE more than forty years ago, specifically in 1977. In his career, his career in the executive production of numerous musical programs stands out. However, it was this last stage as Director of Entertainment that put her in the focus of all criticism.

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During his tenure, Prieto held one of the positions of responsibility at the head of the Eurovision Song Contest. During these editions, the results in the contest have been terrible and there are many who they attribute these failures to poor management by those in charge of the Spanish delegation. In fact, in 2021, Blas Cantó had to settle for a twenty-fourth place and only six points, with a presentation shrouded in controversy. One of the most criticized cases was the gala Eurovision 2017 target, which left the eurofans furious.

All these events generated a climate of tension in the audience, which has come to ask for his dismissal numerous times. Despite this, Prieto has also received recognition for his career on television, linked to the musical field. In 2018, it achieved the Honor Award for Career and Promotion of Culture and Music from the Latin Awards, which were born as a boost to the Ibero-American audiovisual culture. Soon, we will know what is your new destination in RTVE.