Rubí Ibarra’s audition video at La Academia

We are a few days away from the big premiere of The academy next June 12 at 8:00 p.m. on our Azteca UNO signal.

Rubí Ibarra García, the protagonist of one of the most important viral phenomena of recent years, came to the program to tell us all about the experience of her great XV-year party.

All applicants seek to earn a place in the

reality show
of the most important singing group in Mexico, for which they have auditioned with great dedication and passion.

One of the applicants who has given the most to talk about is Ruby Ibarra Garciathe famous viral quinceañera of 2016 who organized a party in the La Joya community of San Luis Potosí.

When is the Academy premiere?

The Academy on its 20-year anniversary opens on June 12 at 8:00 p.m. on our Azteca UNO signal.

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Lolita Cortés explodes against Rubí Ibarra, the viral fifteen-year-old.

This was Rubí’s audition for La Academia

Rubí auditioned with the song wrong of Thalía, but it had some tuning errors that Lolita Cortes I do not forgive.

“I am very surprised that after 7,000 or so people who auditioned, tonight, this is the example of what they found, it seems unlikely to me (…) I do not understand those who chose this student body, what do they expect me to say. No, baby, no, princess, for me you should not be here “she said.

Lolita criticized Ruby for being nervous and for not giving their best effort on stage: “The moment they step on stage you can see how hungry they are,” he declared.

Nevertheless, Ruby won his pass to participate in the first concert of The academyas the press and other special guests approved his audition.

“I’m happy, I know I watered it, I would understand if they eliminated me or something because I didn’t do really well. I promise that I will put more effort into it, ”said the young woman through tears.

Alexander Acha, director of The academy in this season, he was also forceful with his criticism of Rubí.

“In all the students I find more possibilities, that’s what I think, I will always be honest… I have to tell the truth. I see superiority in other participants,” he stated.

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