Rubiales proposes that there are no decreases from 2nd B

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The president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, proposes an “express mechanism” to end the season in non-professional categories. Thus, if approved, from Second B the number of promotions that were planned would be guaranteed and there would be no decreases. In addition to the Third Division, the measure would affect the state competitions of women’s football, futsal and youth category.

Rubiales yesterday sent a letter to the territorial presidents after a meeting at the headquarters of the Higher Sports Council, in which he explained the need for a legal, social and economic security framework to protect both clubs and their athletes.

Rubiales’ proposal provides for an express promotion mechanism through a single-party play-off system, preferably with a concentration system, to guarantee the number of promotions planned. “In this exceptional situation,” explains the federative note, “there would be no decreases this season. In this sense, the appropriate mechanisms would be worked to increase the number of teams per group or the creation of new groups with a maximum validity of three or four seasons. “

Rubiales, charged.Luis Rubiales and the secretary general of the Spanish Federation, Andreu Camps, will have to testify on May 21 before the judge to respond to an alleged crime of falsification of a public document. According to information from the ABC newspaper, on June 10, 2019 the assembly of the Spanish Federation approved the modification of its statutes to introduce 19 more members to the assembly, which must have the approval of the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) and the executive committee of the Higher Sports Council. After several denials from the CSD, the Federation board gave up on the reform.



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