Rubint went to the ball in Réka’s emerald green, thigh-flashing evening gown: she was sexy and elegant – Home star

Réka Rubint splendoured in a beautiful emerald green evening dress at the Shape Reform Ball organized by the 7th figure.

This time, the elegant event was held in Sárvár, and it was the opening of the current Shape Reform camp.

Réka Rubint at the Shape Reform Ball

Réka Rubint looked stunning in the green creation, which – as every year – was dreamed up by Anita Benes.

The Daalarna creation was as eye-catching from behind as it was from the front.

The fitness lady has been loyal to the fashion designer for 21 years, when she said yes to Schobert Norbi for the fifth time last fall on their 20th wedding anniversary, she also wore a Daalarna dress.

The emerald green evening dress she wore at the Shape Reform Ball was both elegant and sexy: the slit up to the thigh showed off Réka Rubint’s shapely legs. According to the commentators, the dress was beautiful and the color was really special.

The Schobert family didn’t just get together for a family photo, they also took photos with their friends, Jenő Rácz and Dórá Gyuricza, as well as their cute little daughter.

Réka Rubint’s wedding dress

Réka Rubint wore a beautiful, half-shoulder wedding dress made of translucent material, which was made really special by the small flower decoration. Schobert Lara also painted breathtakingly as he walked through the wedding party on his father’s arm. She was dressed in a royal blue lace bridesmaid dress.