Rubrig invests in a new production line, which will double production capacity :: Dienas Bizness

Latvian rubber safety covering manufacturer Titled invested in a new production line, which will allow the company to double production volumes in the future.

The capacity of the new line is 100,000 m2 of rubber covering per year, which will also create new export opportunities for the company and create additional 10 jobs in the production facility.

Six years have passed since the Latvian company RUBRIG opened its first rubber safety tile production plant for sports and playgrounds in Ādažos in 2016.

Since then, the company has developed rapidly, as evidenced by the turnover of more than 2 million euros reached at the end of 2021. The company’s production has also been evaluated abroad – currently 75% of the production is produced Titled sold in 20 export markets. The company was already preparing for the expansion of production in 2021 Titled the engineering team, in cooperation with the help of engineers from the USA and Italy, as well as with the financial support of Luminor Bank and Altum, developed and successfully implemented the project of the new production line, the total cost of which exceeds 800,000 euros.

The new production line with a capacity of 100,000 m2 of rubber covering per year will help to double the company’s production volumes, introduce several technological innovations in the production process, reduce costs, and also provide 10 additional jobs in Đāži (with the expansion of production, 39 employees will work in the company in the future).

The new equipment will help the company save approximately 10% of energy costs, as well as significantly improve process automation. It will also provide new design possibilities, for example, it will be possible to create an unlimited number of color combinations for the fitness cover in the future.

“Over time, we have accumulated excellent experience in the production processes of rubber coverings. The concept of the new line is our own developed “know-how”, thanks to which we introduced many ideas that we have selected and tested in practice, which allow us to improve the creators of efficiency, reduce the influence of the human error factor and the physical load of employees. For example, now, by producing our flagship products for fitness drugs on the new line, we are able to increase the output by more than 15% and reduce the labor resources required for these products,” says company manager Dainis Bonda.

Since the opening of the first production line, the company has achieved significant success in export markets, for which it has also received two awards – the Export and Innovation Award (in 2019) and the LTRK Export Award (in 2022).