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Ruby, Polanco: "It may be that my version will be different from that of the Ruby bis trial: I want to tell the truth"

He had told, in 2012, that during Arcore's elegant dinners she dressed up as "Boccassini with the toga and da Obama"To make Silvio Berlusconi laugh that the girls, who attended the events at Villa San Martino" did not touch or touch Berlusconi and Faith in their private parts ". So quiet evenings "dinners where you sang with karaoke". For some time the version of Marysthell Polanco is beginning to change: three years ago he told the Daily Mail that the former prime minister had had sex with Ruby when he was still a minor. Today another announcement arrives: “It may be that mine version before the judges will be different compared to that of Ruby bis process, I decided to say things as they are, now I feel like a woman with children and I want to tell the truthHe says to reporters in a pause of the hearing of the Ruby ter process, where it is charged for false testimony together with Silvio Berlusconi and ad another 26 defendants. "Maybe my position is not so different from that of Imane FadilHe adds.

The denunciation of a threat: "Just a puncture and you're done" – About a month ago – as revealed by the Fatto Quotidiano – the Dominican soubrette told investigators investigating the death of Imane Fadil that a year ago about one person threatened her: "… She said to me, but also to other girls," just a puncture and you're done ". Fadil was one of the key witnesses to the Ruby case and died in early March for lawsuits being investigated. Two main hypotheses, a rare disease or a poisoning. Listened by the deputy prosecutor of Milan Tiziana Siciliano and by the prosecutor Luca Gaglio on March 15, in front of the investigators who told her that Fadil was dead she reacted like this: "No! Polonium! " Barbara Guerra, another guest at Arcore evenings, was also heard in recent weeks and she also said she was "scared".

With the reporters, the former showgirl said she didn't have "never said that he was Putin and that he was threatened. Many lies have been written ”. At the same time, however, the young woman added that "it is very strange that it has not yet been discovered what it was to make her die, of course you are anxious, I was so sorry for her, it is absurd and I got so many ideas". Responding to the reporters' questions, the woman said again that "maybe my position is not different from her", even though she is a defendant while Fadil was a key witness in the investigation: "I have changed my life, I want to have a new life and close this thing".

Fadil's death and investigations – On 26 March, after more detailed examinations excluded the presence of radioactivity in the organs of the dead model – radiation that had been detected in urine and blood tests – the on-going autopsy tests began. The question, to which the experts appointed by the Public Prosecutor and guided by Cristina Cattaneo they will have to respond, take into consideration every aspect: from poisoning due to metal poisoning (a massive concentration of cadmium, antimony and chromium has been found), to natural death from fulminant disease (a very rare form of medullary aplasia is hypothesized) . Fadil's family members follow the investigations and investigations step by step, assisted by lawyers Mirko Mazzali and Nicola Quatrano. The consultants are also asked to ascertain the reason why the results of a test communicated to the prosecutors on March 12th have precisely emerged "Traces of alpha rays". Fadil's ex-lawyer, lawyer Paolo Sevesi, in a deed filed at the end of February wrote that the Moroccan model had been "affected by threats, corrupt attempts and pressures for the revocation of the civil party constitution", In particular in the Ruby bis process by Iris Berardi is Barbara Guerra, they too, like Polanco, defendants in Ruby ter for corruption in judicial proceedings with Silvio Berlusconi.

The old version: "Burlesque to make Berlusconi laugh" – "I dressed up as a Boccassini with the toga and da Obama to make him laugh "the woman told before entering the courtroom of Milan to testify things that for the prosecutors in Milan are lies. At parties he had assured "nothing daring happened". The girls, who attended the elegant dinners, "did not touch or touch Berlusconi and Faith in their private parts". So quiet evenings "dinners where you sang with karaoke". Once the Polanco to cheer up the Knight, according to the old story, had disguised herself as Whitney Houston. After dinner, the former soubrette had declared, “we went down into the dance club and I did the show to make him laugh ”. No naked girls and that "clothing was Burlesque type". The soubrette had also described in detail the clothes: "Bra and underpants very worked and with feathers, hat and boa wrapped around the neck" and had admitted to having received money in cash, 10,000 euros, gifts simple things, not expensive ": He also had remembered having met Ruby at one of the events, which on one occasion also did the Belly dance. He had admitted that he had received help and money from the then prime minister, but only for Berlusconi's generosity and not in exchange for anything else. When an interception in which she seemed to have been challenged Nicole Minetti talked about money given to Ruby: "I knew that Berlusconi had helped Ruby to open a beauty center and with Minetti I talked about this" he had said.

For the Milan prosecutor's office it was one of the favorites – The Dominican was not left out Arcore even when Emilio, the companion and cohabitant, had ended up in prison because he found himself in possession of 12 kilos of cocaine. The former prime minister who, even after that arrest, had continued to receive Polanco in Arcore and above all had worked hard to try (to no avail) to get her a Italian passport, making available the number of the prefect of Milan, Gian Valerio Lombardi. The woman, to whom the Knight was saying to make her jealous "Last night we did mad things, I am exhausted", he reserved the largest apartment among all those occupied by the girls of the harem: a three-room apartment with box, paid regularly by Giuseppe Spinelli, the trusted administrator of Berlusconi. She, in some interceptions, called him "love" and he wanted to have her run a program on Milan Channel. Marystell, with participations in the program "La Pupa e il Secchione", is also the woman that Berlusconi called, after a scandal broke out, to impose silence promising her money: "He gives you five (referring to Spinelli, official paying accountant of Olgettine , ed.) … Any statement is contriodi us ". The name of the South American was already present in the interceptions between Gianpaolo Tarantini, the Apulian entrepreneur who wore Roman parties, and the Knight who renamed it "golden ass".

However, the Milan Court today decided to accept Silvio Berlusconi's defense request "to postpone" the electoral campaign process for the Europeans for which the Forza Italia leader is a candidate.


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