Rudi Garcia’s press briefing before OL-Angers

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“Jason spoke of mental and physical fatigue, I think it will play out on that, it’s up to us to rest the internationals as soon as possible, they are the ones who are suffering a lot. We resumed on June 8, we had 1 months of more work than usual and we are in the last month of competition, it is all the more normal since it is an unprecedented calendar year, for everyone, it is complicated because there is a lot health rules to respect, apart from the home-work trip, nothing happens, it can be psychologically heavy, but it is the case for everyone. I did not say that the team had worked poorly in training, but that it had not pleased me in training and in the state of mind and most importantly it was in the state of mind, the players thought a lot about Angers and not much at the Red Star Maintained, they are absolutely right to be focused on Angers. “


“The reflection is to find the right eleven, the complementarity according to the players available and to have a team which continues to obtain as many opportunities but which puts them, and a team which will also be more solid defensively. is in the style of a team that takes a goal in every game and that would be nice if that changed, if everyone was better defensively, from my center forward to my goalkeeper. line which is pointed, we must defend better and not concede goals, that will help us, if we are less successful than lately and that could be enough to win the match, the match against Rennes can be an example. scoring the first and making sure not to concede goals, not to give anything to the opponent, not to give a gift, to be efficient, it is normally the lot of great teams and the choices of play that we must know to do. The players know what to do, they are well aware of this, ‘we are also able to continue to provide opportunities and perhaps to recover the ball faster, we are rather well in counter-pressing, it is that we continue to perform on this. “


“The association with Islam in the cup has been good, we can play with two points and Memphis can shift to one side but we can also continue with what makes us one of the best attacks in the championship, that is- that is to say Memphis in point and players on the sides, we Karl we have Rayan, we have Maxwel Cornet who can go up a notch, for Islam it is more complicated to play on the right. What is certain is that we have to rely on our offensive forces, the danger has to come from elsewhere, it has to come from Paqueta, set pieces, we can’t bet everything on our attackers, a very nice goal. team that has arguments and a very good coach, we know what to expect but no matter who we play we need the 3 points. “

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