Rüdiger and Chelsea ready to bring positions closer together

Antonio Rüdiger is one of the most sought-after assets on the current football scene and the Chelsea central defender is in his last year of contract.

Real Madrid and Bayern are pressing for their part so that the footballer does not close the renewal and thus be able to agree to his signing in January at zero cost for the 2022/23 season.

The truth is that according to the information we handle, although the positions are very far from the salary that the defender should receive, he would bet on their continuity. Let’s remember that he is a key piece for Tuchel and he is also in the current European champion.

Before the end of October there will be a new meeting to negotiate the footballer’s future, but the player’s agents already know the central defender’s willingness to continue, so they will modify the tone with the Blues directive, to try to reach a good port in negotiations. From Chelsea they trust to announce the renewal of the German prodigy before the month of December.