Rufus Beta Allows Installing Windows Without User Account – Computer – News

As @Darkstriker points out. That “Level 0” doesn’t turn everything off.
One of the most annoying things for me is that Windows is quiet keeps calling even though I have nothing that uses it. So then I block it, but then all of a sudden the Misrcosoft support pages almost don’t work anymore, because everything has to be difficult these days.

An OS should just always try to guarantee the security and privacy of the user, and that simply doesn’t happen. Mandating accounts has only one use, spying
That there are functions that can be done with an account, yes…but if you don’t use those functions, you should just be able to do without. It’s like those disguised websites these days, which only work if you accept cookies…while that’s not necessary at all.

Linux may not be a C-Grade OS, but it’s way too fragmented and cumbersome to use. Unless there is more collaboration, it will never become a serious alternative to Windows.

I’m going to take a closer look at Rufus, if only for fun. I normally never install anything while connected to the internet. First see what happens…then connect.