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Rugby player Sam Ballard dies eight years after swallowing the ball when the car paralyzed him

A man who ate a garden snail as part of a car has died.

Sam Ballard, 28, became a paraplegic and suffered eight years after eating at 19 at a party.

He lost his fight on Friday and his last words to his mother were "I love you".

Sam Ballard as a teenager before the incident (Image: Facebook)
Jimmy Galvin (left) was Sam Ballard, now 28 (right), when he swallowed a garden snail at a friend's party (Image: Ten)

His friend Jimmy Galvin had previously announced that he had swallowed the ball during a party in 2010.

He said to the project, "We sat, had a bit of red wine appreciation night and tried to act as adults, and a snail crept over.

"The conversation came up:" Should I eat it? "Sam went bang, that's how it happened."

Within a few hours he became seriously ill and it was later discovered that he had become infected with a rat lungworm.

Sam swallowed a snail and within a few hours he was seriously ill
He died Friday after eight years of pain and suffering

As a result, he suffered from an infection of his brain and fell into a coma 420 days after eosinophilic meningoencephalitis – a meningitis strain.

Sam, who used to be a promising rugby player, spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair and suffered from seizures. The "prank" brought him in a fraction of a second.

Another friend, Michael Sheasby, described the first time he came to Sam's hospital room after the accident.

He said, "When I came in, he was very lean and cables were everywhere – it was a big shock."

Sam in physiotherapy with his mother (Photo: Today AU)

Katie Ballard, Sam's mother, says she does not blame the boys for their stupid car or son for keeping them busy.

She said the boys were just "fellow" and she could not blame them.

But before, Katie admitted that Sam's illness had hit the family hard and said, "She's devastated, changed his life forever, changed my life forever.

"The effects are enormous."

When Sam was wheelchair-released from a hospital in Sydney three years after his illness, his colleagues were determined to be there for him.

Mr. Ballard got sick and was told by doctors that he had been infected with rat lungworms (Picture: Ten)

Through fundraising, Team Ballard was able to raise enough money to pay for the 24/7 care the boyfriend needed.

In 2016, Katie Ballard applied to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) when Sam was eligible for a £ 300,000 package.

Last September, NDIS sent a text message to Mrs. Ballard warning that a review of his plan had reduced his allocation to around £ 75,000.

What is rat lungworm?

Angiostrongylus cantonensis – or rat lungworm – occurs in rodents. However, snails or snails can become infected when they eat rats' stools.

Most people do not develop symptoms at all by taking the parasite and can fully recover without treatment.

In extremely rare cases – such as Sam's – it can cause an infection of the brain.

In his case, the infection caused a rare type of meningitis with symptoms that include headache, neck stiffness, tingling or painful feelings in the skin, low-grade fever, nausea and vomiting.

If you think you have swallowed the parasite, you should consult a doctor who will examine you and ask for symptoms, travel, and exposure that you had.

You may have some blood tests as well as tests for meningitis.

Normally, the parasite dies over time without treatment.

Even people who develop eosinophilic meningitis usually do not need antibiotics.

Find out more here.

Due to the massive funding cut, the Ballard family was heavily in debt and currently responsible for the care around the clock.

The NDIS said it had "worked closely with the Ballard family" to find a solution and to increase Sam's support package.

Before the accident, Katie described her son as "invincible."

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