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Home Sport Rule revolution? Fifa could abolish penalty extra

Rule revolution? Fifa could abolish penalty extra

In London it is discussed whether football rules should be adjusted. In Focus: The penalty margin.

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November 6, 2018, 12:25 pm
updated 1 minute ago

London | The International Football Association Board (IFAB) regulators will meet in London on Tuesday to discuss new adjustments with referees, coaches and former players.

The eight IFAB members (four from UEFA and four from England) then decide on November 22 to vote on possible rule changes in March at the IFAB General Assembly. At least six votes would be needed for a change. The possible innovations are currently only suggestions that the IFAB discusses. Subsequently, the World Football Association Fifa would have to say goodbye to the changes.

The focus is, among other things, the question of whether the additional margin should be abolished after a missed penalty. Should the goalkeeper hold the ball or it jumps on the crossbar or post, the game would then be interrupted immediately and continue with a kick. This would make discussions about whether a player ran into the penalty area too early, become obsolete.

Lutz Michael Fröhlich, ex-Bundesliga referee and member of the sporting leadership of the DFB elite referee, said on Tuesday in the Bild newspaper: "So you would avoid that it comes before the penalty in the box to position fights and fouls."

Hand or no hand?

For discussion at the IFAB meeting is also the annoying topic of hand-held game that leads to discussions again and again: Was it a hand-held game? Created or not? Body area increased? Was it intentional or not?

Possible solution: In the future, an unauthorized hand game should only be available if an unnatural hand or arm posture can be attested. According to this, every touch of the ball with the hand should be considered a hand play, if the arm is held above shoulder level. If the arm is below shoulder level, the hand is then whistled when the arm is held at an unnatural angle. As an indication, the IFAB calls the clock positions four and eight o'clock.

In addition, no goal should be counted, which was achieved by touching with arm or hand – regardless of whether there is a natural or unnatural movement.

Prevent time-lapse

Also, the time game could be offered in the future by a rule change halt. In order to prevent unnecessary time-shifting, substitute players should be able to leave the field immediately at the nearest outer line, they would then no longer have to run up to the middle line and thus consciously or unintentionally delay the game.



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