The skipper of Macif remains solid leader of the Route du rhum in front of Francis Joyon.

In Pointe-à-Pitre,

Winner of the Route du rhum in Imoca in 2014, François Gabart is now close to reoffending four years later in the most beautiful transatlantic. And this time in the category of the Ultimate category for a double mono-multi unpublished. At the helm of his maxi-trimaran Macif (32 meters), the fastest man around the world alone (42 days in 2017) has fallen below the symbolic bar of the 1000 miles remaining to be traveled in the night from Friday to Saturday .

South of the Tropic of Cancer, the leader and his tireless pursuer, the veteran Francis Joyon (62 years old, Idec Sport), began their series of maneuvers at the approach of the West Indies where the grains and the strong variations of wind could increase the end of their journey. If he lost some feathers, the mattress Gabart remained quite comfortable that night (112 miles to 1:45 French time) to hope a happy ending. The organizers have already announced that the Charentais was expected at Tête à l'Anglais, a small island north of Guadeloupe, Sunday morning at dawn. The skipper of Macif will then have to tour the island from the east, bypass the delicate buoy Basse-Terre, before delivery in the Canal des Saintes and the finish line he could cross Sunday at the end of morning local time, in the middle of the afternoon in mainland France.

The first Imoca are not expected in Pointe-à-Pitre until next Friday. In which order ? The suspense remains whole. Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss), Paul Meilhat (SMA) and Vincent Riou (PRB) or Yann Eliès (Ucar-St-Michel) are expected to fight a great battle in the trade winds. In Multi50, the breakage of the mainsail rail of Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (Solidaires in Peloton ARSEP) offers a boulevard to Armel Tripon (Chocolate Rite), expected in Pointe-à-Pitre from Thursday while the very bushy ( 53 sailors at the start) but also very exploded class of Class40 is still led by Yoann Richomme (Veedol-AIC), 67 miles ahead of the British Phil Sharp (Imerys Clean Energy). Follow Aymeric Chappellier (Aina Childhood & Future) and Kito De Pavant (Made In Midi). The first 40 feet could dock at the pontoon on Wednesday, November 20th, ten days after the winner of this 11th edition of the Rum.



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