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If the problem persists after BIOS updates, you could also conclude that the built-in network card has a serious hardware error.

In all likelihood, the built-in network card was “yelling” on the internal network to such an extent that after a while no other device could request the gateway to the Internet.

You have solved that well by purchasing a separate network card. Sometimes those built-in network cards don’t last as long as the rest of the motherboard. Happens at every brand and they buy network chips from Realtek (or other popular brands like Intel or BroadCom).

Has nothing to do with the CPU. Anyway, a clear network card is not expensive and easy to build into a desktop yourself. Can your computer last quite a bit longer, so less e-waste.

You can (and should) see the fact that you can flash your BIOS with a USB stick as a security measure. The method you suggested is convenience. Updating a BIOS should really only be possible via the USB stick way.

Why? Because the BIOS operates at a very low hardware level and is essential to the operation of the entire computer. Now that updating BIOS has been made so easy, you see a lot more malware that settles on that hardware level and is (almost) impossible to get out of it.

And if the removal software says there is no more malware, would you still want to trust that computer with your bank details or use it commercially? In almost all cases, the answer is no. As a private individual you may still be able to sell that parental offer as a 2nd hand. Commercially, that’s a much bigger legal rat’s nest, so you just marble the hardware away. So more e-waste.

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Now I also understand that the current way of updating BIOS is a lot easier to automate for business purposes. But back then, when it was still normal to flash the BIOS with the USB stick, the malware problem for this part of computers was a lot smaller than it has become today. In short, a (niche) solution that has turned into a (serious) problem over time.