Rumor: Microsoft is working on budget Surface laptop – Computer – News

I think the Surface pro should only have three editions namely ;
10,5 inch met i3 processor
13 inch met i5 of i7 processor

All standard 8 Gb ram and 128 GB SDD, while the i5 and i7 should be easily upgradeable with a slot for an M2 SDD to be swapped and a slot for the memory to swap the memory. They can just make this on the back under the flap.

Where Microsoft could then choose to release a surface without RAM so that people can buy an SDD / Memory of their choice or deliver it custom with your choice of SDD and RAM that you can buy in the Microsoft store,

Think of 16 GB for 75 euros extra and 32 GB for 150 euros extra etc. It is the same with the SDD 256, 512, 1 GB.

The advantage is less inventory, better personal offers and preferences. If they do this, there is only a choice of three types and preferences that you can adjust yourself afterwards or in advance.

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