Rumor: Nintendo is working on the Switch 2

Recently, a new Nintendo Switch 2 rumor surfaced.

While the Nintendo Switch is a great console and there was a nice update with the OLED variant, fans have been wanting more power for the device for quite a while. And as for that, a new rumor is doing the rounds right now.

So a Switch 2 with more powerful hardware could appear faster than many might think. The reason: A Reddit user became aware that the existence of the new Tegra239 chip had been confirmed by a Linux employee via the company’s mailing list. It was previously rumored that this would be the chip to be installed in Nintendo’s next console.

It should be noted at this point, however, that neither Nintendo nor upcoming consoles are mentioned. In other words, this is just a rumor and none of it is officially confirmed.

By the way: The T239 was also mentioned in a leak in March of this year. Even then there were rumors about Siwtch 2.

If there is any further news, we will let you know.

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That’s what we think:
We can’t wait to see Nintendo reveal its plans for the next console.

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