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Rumor: Switch seen to run Android in the wild

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The switch is certainly a versatile small system with a variety of engines that have added support for the "Homeheld" since its launch nearly two years ago. In addition to all the official tweak features, unofficial platforms were running on the console "in the wild" – we've seen rudimentary linux photos, and hackers are always coming to the vulnerable places of Switch.

Now it seems like the hacking community has made another breakthrough. Twitter users @natinusala Last night shared a photo of a switch with a well-known logo:

The photo alone is hardly a proof, but a link to gitlab.com in a following tweet points out the work that Android is supposed to launch on Nintendo's console (in a very unofficial feature we'd like to add). Simply booting the operating system does not necessarily mean it's in a good condition, but it's still interesting to see. Console launch reports indicated that Nintendo was initially interested in a modified Android operating system for the console before choosing a custom route.

Official Android support would open up opportunities for all sorts of console games – including Nintendo's growing mobile catalog – unofficially Steps are fascinating. Before launching the console, imagine that Nintendo is eager to get as much software as possible on the platform. With Switch celebrating 1,800 games in the eShop recently, Android support is unlikely to be on Nintendo's to-do list.

Fascinated? Which operating system would you like to see on switch, off the record, QT and very silent? It's Windows 98, is not it – I love Solitare. Let us know in the comments!



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