Rumors are running | The blood did not reach the river – El Sol de Hermosillo

Relay in Congress … Without the blood reaching the river as the previous time, when the Morena block took the administrative offices by storm, even changing plates and showing an attitude of total arrogance, now the relief was carried out in the administrative positions of the Congress of the A very different state from what happened when the Morena deputation got greedy and threw themselves into dispossession without considering, firstly, the legal structure and secondly, their allies who were not thrown even with crumbs.

Lesson learned, they were more cautious today. Of course, there was command and strategy from the Government Palace, and they were more cautious. First I switch to the legal scheme, then ask for the ball and at the end the calm relay. What does it cost them, so that they see that seducing is not the same as raping. In the end it comes to the same thing, but what a difference.

They were under reservation … Now that the President has sent an agreement to reserve information on government works for reasons of national security, the files of the government of Guillermo Padrés are relevant, and the files of the Government House expenses are kept confidential. Despite requests for access to that information, it was never delivered. It is said, told and rumored that the expenses of ranches and stables could have been framed there. This species could never be verified because the information was never public. So the doubt remained and it goes on to the political anecdote. That is why the distrust when the rulers do this, of wanting to cover where the business is. Although they say that they are more honest than a 13 peso bill.

Real estate mafias … Once again, the issue of real estate mafias becomes fashionable. And there is promise of thorough investigation. Caray, if true, this could go on until the father’s six-year term, when some officials made Pedro mules with land, like the one they got in the Vado del Río and put it in the name of a poor Navojoa bartender who didn’t even know what it was. they had led to the dance. Can you imagine, two birds with one stone, because it hits two governments of different parties. Unless of course, this is a settled lawsuit. We don’t believe it. But ah donkey, since they made her surly she doesn’t even believe in the peace of the tombs.

It becomes a mockery … The agreement signed by President López Obrador has become the mockery of many sectors, after the president said that it is to speed up the procedures and do not stop the works. In other words, they say, it signs a decree so that its officials and employees do things well. This borders on the absurd. So simple that whoever does not do things on time runs it, period. But that now they are going to change and return “efficient” by decree is hesitated. And well, there are those who believe that justification. The truth is that with so many surprises the earth is thundering in the center. And it is already beginning to be reflected in the economy. Inflation at levels of 20 years ago. Dollar close to 22 pesos the interbank and 21 pesos in exchange houses. Like they make a lot of confidence in the economic environment. Remember that when this bursts it’s like toads, they just puff …

It gets out of control … Now that we are back on the air through digital platforms, friends and relatives from Ciudad Obregón have communicated expressing their concern about the levels of insecurity in that region. The worst, they comment, that every time actions against thugs and criminals are announced, it seems that they shine, because it comes out worse. Hence, it is important to be monitoring the levels of violence because an oversight and what happened in Zacatecas could happen, since in just a matter of days more than twenty people have been murdered and hung from bridges. There the security apparatus does not work or does not intimidate anyone. The worst, that many police officers before this are choosing to resign or worst, to put themselves at the command of the tricks. And it seems that Cajeme is going that route. From the scrub, I would say.

Soaped fish … This is how we told the politicians that they never allowed themselves to be cornered in an interview, they were less able to tie knives to them unless they wanted to. It was, veteran reporters said, like trying to catch a soapy fish. Of those there are not many. Well, one of them is undoubtedly the current governor Alfonso Durazo, after all he is a hare that has been shot a lot and with different calibers. Someone wanted to tie knives when asked about the possible appointment of Claudia Pavlovich as consul of Barcelona, ​​and the answer says it all: “We will always respect any decision of the President, not only in this area, but in any other, we are allies of the President and consequently we will respect and support your decision. You do not have to anticipate vespers, you have to wait and then we will talk ”.

Rattlesnake to the cat … In a meeting with fellow journalists, the state leader of the PAN, Ernesto Munro, put the bell on the cat, let’s go upset the bitachera, by ensuring that Gildardo Real is supported by Javier Gándara and Guillermo Padrés. Who knows if this will be counterproductive, because many PAN members can panic with these supporters. The truth is that it does affect the image of the Gilo let it be said that the former governor is behind his back, because that is not to go around showing off. But we will see, the reactions should not take long.

Anyway, that’s why it’s better to remember what the Chicken Huerta, It is not the same to show off the dumps, than the layers. Comes out.