Rumors of a notchless screen and satellite communication on the next iPhone 13?

Two pieces of information have come to shake the planet Apple, namely an iPhone 13 phone without a notch and with a satellite chip.

Previewed in the latest episode of the popular Ted Lasso TV series on Apple TV (here’s it!), This iPhone without a notch at the top of the screen is causing a lot of talk.

It shows the standard multicolor wallpaper of the Apple operating system. The back of the phone and the triple photo sensor camera can also be seen in another shot, according to Business Insider.

A screenshot of an iPhone without a notch

Apple (Ted Lasso TV series)

A screenshot of an iPhone without a notch

Some speculate that this iPhone could only be a dummy device, even retouched by synthetic images.

But others, more numerous, have speculated that it could be the new iPhone 13 to be launched in September.

If Apple could do away with that notch that serves as a speaker and front photo sensors, that would mark a major milestone in the history of this phone.

The photo sensor would then be housed under the screen and the speaker towards one of the two corners.

Communication satellite Globalstar

On the stock market today, the information of a possible integration of a Qualcomm satellite chip in the iPhone 13 has made Globalstar jump 64%. Other supplier titles related to satellite communications gained several percentage points on this news deemed reliable.

The MacRumors news site reported on Sunday that Ming-Chi Kuo, a TF International Securities analyst known to exploit his contacts in the Asian supply chain to gain information about Apple products, believes the iPhone 13 will use a Qualcomm X60 chip that supports low earth orbit satellite communications.


Equipped with low orbit satellite communication will allow users to make calls and send text messages in areas lacking 4G or 5G coverage.

If this is the case, Apple would take a big step ahead of all its competitors in addition to grabbing market share.