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Rumors of change about Lewandowski – LIGABlatt – football for the hour!

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Robert Lewandowski achieved his last personal goal on Saturday and drew level with Gerd Müller. Now the only thing left to do against Augsburg is to get the sole record. What happens after that seems to be more open than ever.

In any case, the well-known French sports newspaper “L’Équipe” reported that PSG, among others, has reached out to Poland. Should Kylian Mbappé break down his tents in France, a replacement would be needed from the top shelf to satisfy fans, managers and, last but not least, superstar Neymar. So it seems almost logical that the name Lewandowski should be mentioned. The 32-year-old is currently the best center forward and reigning world footballer. At the same time, he is still tied to FC Bayern until 2023 and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has already announced that they are not ready to give up Lewandowski. All right then? Not quite. Although the record scorer had repeatedly affirmed until the end that he felt comfortable with the record champions, now a rethink could take place.

New challenge?

On the one hand, there is the question of what goals the captain of the Polish national team can still achieve at Bayern. More than the triple is just not possible and he also has his personal goal record in his pocket. If Lewandowski is looking for a new challenge, it would probably not be found in Munich. For a long time it seemed set in stone that the French league is worse than the local one. But this season in particular there is at least one exciting championship race in Ligue 1. That may be the exception, but the last exciting title fight in Germany was a long time ago. One could argue, slightly heretical, that from a sporting point of view, FC Bayern is no longer a challenge at least nationally. For the thoroughbred athlete Lewandowski, a change of scenery including new goals could make sense again.

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Was plant Nagelsmann?

And the Bavarians? Of course, they sit on the longer lever. Whether they would really deny their star player the release in the event of a case is another matter. It would be almost impossible to replace one on one, but whether you would put obstacles in the way of such a deserving player seems just as unlikely. The question remains how Julian Nagelsmann is planning. At Leipzig, the coach preferred to rely on fast and agile strikers, which turned out to be a problem at times after Timo Werner’s departure this season. Although he will have to adjust his approach in Munich and would certainly not be without Lewandowski, it will still be exciting to see how Bayern play next season. The Pole currently seems to want to fulfill his contract, but should PSG or another heavyweight take it seriously, it could lead to a rethink.

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