Rumors of Gareth Bale’s transfer are beginning to come true. The first bidder took a big step towards an agreement

18.6.2022 11:45

Cardiff City, which has long been interested in Gareth Ball, has finally submitted its first offer. This was reported by journalist Dahbia Hattabi from Foot Mercato.

Rumors of a possible 32-year-old footballer joining the Welsh team began to appear immediately after the official announcement of the termination of cooperation with Real Madrid. The wingman’s contract ends and it is certain that he will not extend the cooperation with the current employer.

After some time, the club of the second highest English EFL Championship finally decided to take the first big step to gain this experienced player. The information was provided by a French source, who also confirmed other information about the submitted offer.

According to the French journalist Cardiff City, he offered the footballer a two-year contract with the possibility of extension for another season. Salary details have not been released, and this is likely to be crucial for Southampton’s offspring.

Gareth Bale said this week that he was not saying ‘no’ at all about the free transfer to the Welsh capital, but that he wanted to take more time to think and consider all the options available. Not so long ago, the national team meeting of the League of Nations and the successful barracks for the World Championships in Qatar ended.

It is in connection with the upcoming world championship that the five-time winner of the Champions League wants to make the best possible choice for himself.

At The Bluebirds, they believe the offer could persuade the player to pursue a career with them, despite the fact that he has been accustomed to a much more generous salary at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

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The former Tottenham player entered just 7 games last season, scoring the only goal at the start of the season in LaLiga against Levante. He recently managed to sign a shooting list in a confrontation with the Netherlands on Tuesday (2: 3).