Rumors reveal a major change in the design of the next Apple phone.. how it will become

Apple may cancel a feature that has been essential in smartphones since the launch of the original “iPhone” in 2007, on upcoming devices, which is the mute switch.

According to the photos uploaded to “Tik Tok” by @chenwen1987, the mute and volume button may appear together on the “iPhone 15 Pro” and “iPhone Pro Max 15”, instead of the primary key.

The renderings, which were later posted on Twitter, show a side view of the model that appears to have only one long button for adjusting volume levels.

The claims also indicate that this button will not move, providing a sense of pressure using only haptic feedback.

Amid the iPhone 15 rumors, some have speculated that Apple may lean toward more software customization.

And Tech Radar speculated that the mute button could contain camera functions if the settings were more adjustable.

And the technical reviewer, Sony Dixon, published pictures, which showed that the border between the screen and the frame will soon be thinner than previous models, according to MacRumors.

However, other images show that the base iPhone 15 model still includes a mute switch.

The “leaks” of the new model came after previous rumors indicating that many design changes were coming to the “iPhone 15 Pro” and “iPhone 15 Pro Max”.