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Rune (2) – Gameplay Trailer Shows Huge Dragons & Names Early Access Appointment

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 18:54

On the PC, the new rune, formerly Rune: Ragnarok, will go into the early access of Steam in September 2018, as the developers of Human Head Studios announce on their website.

Before that there will be a short closed beta on the 18th of August between 7pm and 11pm, which you can sign up for on the site.

The new Rune will come later also for PS4 and Xbox One and is one Open-world survival game with singleplayer and multiplayer option. Here you fight against monsters, dragons and even gods, while you choose yourself a god that grants various special abilities. More detail has been summarized in an earlier Rune article. A few of the opponents shows this trailer,

The release date for Rune is planned for the summer of 2019, at least it is said on the Steam side, the rune should remain in early access for about a year. Gradually, more quests will be installed, but the correct end will only be available in the full version. Human Head wants to offer official PvE and PvP servers.


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