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‘Running Man’ Jeon So-min and Han Ji-eun, exposing the past between college alumni

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[스포츠서울 이용수기자] The relationship between actor Han Ji-eun and Jeon So-min made a big smile.

In SBS’Running Man’, which aired on the 1st, it was decorated as a special feature in Jeju Island, and Jeon So-min’s college classmate Han Ji-eun played an active part.

Jeon So-min talked about Han Ji-eun and her college days. He said, “I went to a meeting together, and it was me who always had a good mood, but Ji-eun Han received the after-sale.” In particular, he brought out his painful past, saying, “There are some cases in which a man intertwined between Han Ji-eun’s friend and me.”

The members of’Running Man’ were curious about Jeon So-min’s past. Because of this, taking a break without So-min Jeon, “Let’s talk about So-min Jeon. “I’ll talk about myself over there.” “I was motivated and not happy. They seem to have something,” said Han Ji-eun, encouraging Jeon So-min to expose his past. In response, Han Ji-eun unfolded the past story. He said, “Every time I had a meeting, my seniors told me to go out with me, so I and Somin always went out together. I’m sorry if I was upset because of that at the meeting. It’s not on purpose. But what can I do? They say they are. Did I deliberately ask me to pull me out?”

In earnest, I remembered Jeon’s past memories. Han Ji-eun said, “I remember Somin, not what happened to me, but to have a very close friend with me. There is something entangled with a man’s problem, but I got stuck in the middle and the relationship became a little weird.”

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When the relationship between Jeon So-min and Han Ji-eun was revealed, Yoo Jae-suk brought up the story at the gathering. Yoo Jae-seok said, “(Former) So Min-ah and (Han) Ji-eun have nothing else about you, and you seem to be conscious of damage while you are still.” So-min Jeon said, “Jieun Han is clean. (Han) Ji-eun’s friend is the problem. Ji-eun (Han) mentioned her real name, saying, “The problem is her friend.

Yoo Jae-seok said, “Because the plane passes here every 4 minutes, talk about it then.” Therefore, Jeon So-min mentioned the friend’s real name without missing the moment the plane passed. Then Han Ji-eun said, “Don’t swear at my friend”, making me laugh.

Meanwhile, Jeon So-min and Han Ji-eun are alumni of the Broadcasting and Entertainment Department of Dongduk Women’s University.

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ji eun ewww November 16, 2020 - 10:51 am

Ji eun is such a bad mouthing insecure loser with a ugly face and personality. Who goes on a show and bad mouth someone else they claim they don’t know but then go on to claim she was really the neutral party to both girls entangled over a guy.


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