‘Rural doctors’ continue to fight for the STD’s signboard, taunting the very prominent figure. The policy of ‘Minister Anuthin’ doesn’t look very clear.

Rural Medical Club opens a battle for the Sor Sor Sor’s signboard, taunting the very prominent figure. The policy of ‘Minister Anuthin’ is not very clear to see.

although Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health (Sor Sor.) will come out to indicate the case of the Ministry of Public Health making public relations signs for ministry events with Mr. Anutin’s picture included. may fall within the scope of using state resources for the purpose of campaigning for the leader of a political party Contrary to the practice of 180 days before Election Day. The Election Commission announced item 3.2 that there is no need to check anything in this matter, it is normal work. The sign has a message inviting the elderly to participate in health screening as well as eyeglasses, but rural medical club He did not stop remarking about the sign whether it was involved in the 2023 election campaign or not.

Latest on February 5 rural medical club Mention the public relations sign. Ministry of Public Health, which appears in the picture Mr. Anutin Clearly, every label says Really take every channel. This sign is to publicize the policy. walk thru drive thru What policies are not clear to see, but for sure, that star is outstanding. Available in all forms, LED screen signs in front of the elevator, in front of the door, in front of the building, we can take them all.

The Rural Medical Association stated that Campaigning near the election should be pretty good. Anyone who finds an inappropriate label anywhere can send it under the comment or inbox. The society is good when we all help each other to check and manage.

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