Russell Crowe still touches the heart in Bangkok, posted an invitation to travel to Thailand on November 1, opening the country!

Russell Crowe is still in. Full promotion. Invite you to travel to Thailand. 1 Nov. The country has been opened. At this event, the netizens I love Uncle Russell very much. I have a full heart.

Called to create colors all the time coming to Thailand ever for Russell Crowe, a famous Hollywood hero. who have been adventuring around Bangkok and encountered many miracles Until having to take a lot of photos and use the hashtag #Lost in Bangkok until Ambassador Allan McKinnon invited himself to meet and handed him a BTS card, plus there was a page. Hey, this is clearly edited. V2 made a poster of Bangkok travel pictures Until the person who likes to like it very much

Read the news: Russell Crowe unveils the re-action of Lost in Bangkok posters. Hear X-Communication is complete.

Most recently (October 28, 2021), Russell Crowe tweeted viaTwitter @russellcrowe ระบุว่า “November 1st travel to Thailand opens up for double vaccinated
travelers from 46 countries with a minimal quarantine process . It’s a
beautiful, interesting, exciting place. The people are warm and
welcoming. If you have been locked down, isolated, quarantined etc

“On November 1, Thailand will open the country. which is open to tourists who have completed 2 doses of vaccination from 46 countries with short-term quarantine measures Let’s go to Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful, interesting and exciting place, the people are warm and welcoming. If you’ve been locked down, isolated, quarantined, etc., travel is back.”

At this event, Thai netizens went to tease each other a lot, saying that Russell Crowe would be very impressed with Thailand for promoting this much. I saw this and fell in love with it.

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