Russia began to import the most reliable car Kia

Reliability is a key factor when choosing any car. Well-thought-out engineering solutions allow not only to save money in the long run by avoiding expensive repairs, but also to be sure that the car will not fail during long trips.

Kia has come a long way in terms of the reliability of its cars and has recently become a leader in this indicator, and one of its strongest models is now being imported into Russia.

We are talking about Kia Forte. According to the rating of the authoritative publication “RepairPal”, this particular Korean brand sedan is the most trouble-free in the company’s line of models, as well as the most reliable in its class.

According to analysts, the majority of cars, including Kia cars, come to car services for repairs on average 0.4 times a year, while in the case of Forte this figure is two times lower (0.2 times per year).

Recall that Kia Forte is an American analogue of the well-known Kia Cerato. Such cars manufactured in 2023 are now imported into Russia through parallel imports.

These are cars with a 2-liter engine with a capacity of 149 horsepower, paired with an automatic transmission.

But they are by no means cheap here – an average of 2 million 700 thousand rubles, while in the USA they ask for them from 19 thousand 490 dollars, or only 1 million 580 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate.

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